Saucony ProGrid Guide 5 Review

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Ideal for: Runners looking for a comfortable and dependable shoe that also offers responsiveness and stability. It is also a good shoe to help you transition into the world of minimalist shoes.

Saucony ProGrid Guide 5 ReviewAccording to sales figures, the ProGrid Guide 5 is among Saucony’s bestselling shoes. One of the reasons for this is because of the great fit, level of comfort and affordable price. You can get your hands on a pair for as little as $75 depending on where you shop online. The ProGrid Guide 5 is different from its predecessors because it is lighter despite having more cushioning and has also reduced the heel drop to 8mm. Read on to discover if the final result is a shoe that is ideal for long distance runs.

Design – Upper

The ProGrid Guide 5 has an ankle collar which is at a good height and is also soft. If you consistently get blisters on your Achilles because of ankle collars located at the wrong height, the Guide 5 will feel wonderful. In the event that the collar is still at a bad height for your ankle, the HydraMAX lining is tremendously soft and is likely to keep those blisters at bay.

The Comfortride sockliner created by Saucony is placed throughout the entire midsole and this is a brilliant feature because it really ensures that your feet feel comfortable during long runs. Runners have reported completing marathons in these shoes and while their feet obviously felt sore, there were no blisters. The flat shoelace design does a fine job of keeping the knots of the laces in place and you’ll find that your laces will not come untied during a run.

Design – Sole

The outsole does precisely what it’s supposed to which is to give you a strong grip on a variety of surfaces including trail, road, treadmill and track. The rubber used in the outsole is quite flat yet it offers a deceptively good level of traction when it comes to wet and slippery surfaces. It seems as if Saucony has got it just right with the Guide 5 when it comes to grip as it has resisted the temptation to add extra rubbers in necessary locations.

The ProGrid LITE foam feature will be familiar to anyone who has worn a pair of Saucony shoes before while the dual-density SSL EVA foam offers a nice rebound after impact and a good amount of cushioning. Saucony also elected to reduce the heel drop on the Guide 5 to 8mm and this was an excellent choice because it has led to the development of a well-balanced running shoe.


According to most runners, the Guide 5 is a terrific accomplishment from Saucony. While the company must have been tempted to make wholesale changes to the design of the shoe, it opted for subtlety and the results have justified this decision. The 8mm heel drop has proved to be a masterstroke as the shoe is now capable of improving your running form. Other advancements included dropping the weight and enhancing flexibility.

The midsole cushioning and impact zones offer a superior level of comfort because it makes it possible to adjust your stride without making big changes to your style. The material in the upper is smooth against the skin and although it is thick enough to prevent debris from entering the shoe, it is surprisingly lightweight. The final little touch that captivated runners was the improved shoelace design which means you don’t have to worry about laces coming undone at an inappropriate time.


The experience offered by the Guide 5 from Saucony is genuinely appreciated by runners who have been stung in the past by grand promises backed with little substance. The Guide 5 does exactly as promised and features a level of attention to detail that is seldom seen in running shoes. The focus of this shoe is on performance rather than technology so while it may not be as glamorous as other running shoes, it is simply better than most. About the only issue is the 8mm heel drop for those used to a higher drop but this will be overcome after a few training runs. This is a shoe that comes highly recommended.

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