Adidas Duramo 5 Review

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  • Gender: Unisex
  • Weight: Oz / 280 Grams

Ideal for: A casual runner or someone that likes to train on rough and muddy surfaces because the grip is fantastic. It is not the best choice for those with fragile feet intending to run long distances however.

Following hot on the heels of the previously reviewed Duramo 4 trainers, we have a fresh review of the brand new Adidas Duramo 5 trail shoes! The general public often wonders why companies are so quick to produce yet another product when the last one has barely been on the feet of athletes and sports enthusiasts.

On the surface, there doesn’t appear to be a massive amount to differentiate between the Duramo 4 and Duramo 5 ranges as the latest Adidas offering looks to have the same technology including mesh panels, an AdiWEAR outsole and EVA midsole. Yet Adidas must surely have added a few little extras to justify the release of a new shoe, right? Read on to find out if this is true.


It could be said that the Duramo 5 range is designed for rougher terrain than the Duramo 4 though it still has the aforementioned outsole, the ADIPRENE absorption rubber in the sole and the EVA midsole. But wait! It also has a TRAXION Outsole which wasn’t included in the last outing and there seems to be even more textile lining. Here are the features of the Duramo 5 in all their glory:

  • Sandwich Open Mesh: This is of course the highly breathable mesh design which keeps your feet from overheating.
  • Textile Lining: This reduces the level of irritation felt while jogging and also offers a greater level of comfort.
  • Moulded EVA Insole: This simply provides you with a greater level of cushioning for the feet.
  • ADIPRENE: The famous Adidas technology includes rubber in the heel to kill impact shock thus ensuring your feet remain protected over time.
  • TRAXION Outsole: This is a new offering when compared to the Duramo 4 and allows you to run on taxing trails as it gives you a greater amount of grip than ever before.
  • AdiWEAR: More Adidas technology which consists of a carbon rubber outsole compound that enhances the shoe’s durability.
  • Synthetic Overlays: Adidas have designed the Duramo 5 to provide extra support for the upper part of the foot.
  • LITESTRIKE EVA: This consists of a midsole that has an incredible level of cushioning and keeps your feet safe while traversing long distances.


It is important to bear in mind that you can get the Adidas Duramo 5 trainers for as little as £22.50 from some online stores so you shouldn’t expect an extraordinary level of performance. Yet casual joggers are generally happy with these trainers as they are an affordable purchase and offer a nice level of cushioning and support whether you are jogging in the park or on more demanding trail runs. Competitors in Tough Mudder competitions state that the Duramo 5 is the ideal choice for this difficult event.

Even runners that like to partake in lengthier runs were surprised at how well the Duramo 5 performed. Even over a 10km run, these shoes remain comfortable and supportive and crucially, runners have reported feeling no pain in the days after a long run nor did they have any kind of cuts or bruises. This seems to justify the marketing claims of Adidas when it comes to this particular footwear.

Of course, not everyone was happy with these shoes and some customers have expressed surprise at the amount of positive reviews. In their opinion, the Duramo 5 is a relatively mundane effort by the lofty standards of Adidas because it is heavier than previous offerings and less comfortable. The more negative reviews of the shoe also say that it is not the best option for a long-distance runner because the weight of the shoes will eventually cause a problem. This is a surprise to learn since it is lighter than the Duramo 4.


If you are looking for an ultra high-performance shoe, the Duramo 5 is not for you. It is less stylish than its more expensive counterparts but it does what it’s supposed to and that’s give casual runners a shoe that is durable and comfortable for the most part. It isn’t really suitable for half-marathons and beyond but it is the kind of shoe you would want in the gym or on muddy terrain. For around £22.50, value for money is certainly not a problem.

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